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Caption contest: solar suits, or the future of punishment for eco-abusers?

Darren Murph

We get the impression that these guys are really just putting the pressure on "evil corporations" to stop grounding mountains in the everlasting search for coal, but it's not really the environmental activism that caught our attention here. Rather, it's the fact that we're 84.3 percent certain we saw these exact same characters in a Daft Punk video back in college. Seriously -- check the video out after the break and tell us we're loony.

Josh T.: "Totally off the grid in regard to both power and girlfriends."
Thomas: "And now Solar Sprockets, we dance!"
Joe: "You have to go as far as Brussels to find a Devo tribute act worth its salt."
Richard Lai: "In the future, humans won't need to eat."
Paul: "Sure, they know how to capture the electricity, but do they know what to do with it?"
Justin: "In the future, all bands will play the washboard."
Laura: "Did anyone make a Beastie Boys joke yet?"
Darren: "SABOTAGE."
Richard Lawler: "This is not what Boston meant when they said I take what I find."

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