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KaleidoVid turns your iPhone into a video kaleidoscope


KaleidoVid is the latest app from David Barnard of App Cubby. Working with Layton Duncan of Polar Bear Farm and Dave Keller of rocket, David decided to have some fun and make a "delightful" app. We got to see an early demo of KaleidoVid at Macworld Expo, and have been anticipating its release.

If you played with a kaleidoscope as a kid, you'll be familiar with this app. Instead of mirrors and beads, KaleidoVid makes use of the iPhone's camera. To use it, simply turn it on and point the camera in any direction, then move the iPhone until you find a pattern that you like.

From there, tap the screen to put a snapshot into your Camera Roll, or share your creations with Twitter, Facebook or email. Tap the screen again to resume playing.

it's surprisingly fun and more of a toy than a game (I had to pry it away from my kids). KaleidoVid is available in the App Store now for US$0.99. Check out the gallery below for screenshots and some of my better creations.

Gallery: KaleidoVid for iPhone | 8 Photos

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