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The violent, vulgar first trailer for Kick-Ass: The Game


Update: Looks like we weren't the only ones who thought this trailer was a little over-the-top -- WHA Entertainment has been asked by the ESRB to rework it, so we've gone ahead and put the brakes on the video until WHA provides us with the revised edit.

Nearly everything about Kick-Ass: The Game is bewildering. Like its movie and comic counterpart, it features young, everyday kids killing bad guys in graphically violent ways. It's a bit startling to see a game with such vulgar language appear on Apple's iPhone platform, and how bizarrely random is a simultaneous release on iPhone and PS3 (via PSN)?

Less unexpected is the apparent "budget" quality of Kick-Ass: The Game, as featured in the trailer. Predictably, the game looks to be a rather standard beat-em-up, with the kind of low production values we've come to expect from simple, movie tie-in games. We do see mention of Facebook connectivity in this trailer, but it's hard to gauge the precise functionality of the feature.

Still, if both the PS3 and iPhone versions of the game are priced right, Kick Ass may be worth checking out, especially for fans of the franchise. Kick-Ass: The Game will launch simultaneously on PSN and iPhone on April 15.

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