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Jobs on a roll, drops three more emails; expect universal iPhone mailbox


Okay, who hasn't gotten an email from Steve Jobs this week? Yesterday we reported on an email Steve sent to a user regarding Google's Picasa. Also, a MacRumors reader emailed Jobs yesterday about his concern that Apple is putting all its efforts behind the iPad and losing vision in the MacBook and MacBook Pro department. Jobs reportedly replied with an email that said, "Not to worry."

But Jobs wasn't done with his emailing that day. Late last night, a TUAW reader sent us an email that was reportedly from Jobs. The reader asked if there was a way he could transfer his Google Docs to his iPad through or iDisk. Jobs' reply? "Yes."

The fourth email is perhaps the most welcome one. Reader Julio R. asked Steve if we can expect a universal mailbox on the iPhone. His answer? "Yep."

The emails are short and sweet, but as the TUAW reader who sent us the email about MacBooks pointed out, "When a CEO personally responds to a consumer, you know you're getting the best service on the planet." It should be noted that while the Picasa email was sent from Steve's iPhone running OS 3.1.2, the Google Docs and universal mailbox emails were sent from his iPad.

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