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Splinter Cell: Conviction only $46.99 at Amazon ... with the right code


Here's a deal that Sam Fisher would come out of hiding for: Amazon is offering pre-orders of Splinter Cell: Conviction for Xbox 360 at the low price of $46.99 for the standard edition. All you need to do in order to get the discount is enter the code SPLINTER at checkout and $5 will be deducted from your total (the retailer is selling the game at an already-discounted $51.99 to begin with). Additionally, the coupon code also works on the PC version, if that's how you like to roll. If you liked the recently-released demo and are looking to get your hands dirty with the full-version, it's the best deal we've seen yet.

Yes, it might seem a little too easy, but we have Third Echelon's assurance that this isn't some sort of elaborate trap. (The "security device" enclosed? Totally not a tracking beacon.)

[Via Gamerdeals]

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