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Tuesday Morning Post: Just the patch, ma'am edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. It's a beautiful near-spring morning here on the west coast, especially since, as of this writing, it looks like we'll finally be getting Patch 3.3.3. That means many things, including changes to raid buffs, new found usefulness for Frozen Orbs, abolition of battleground marks, and some pretty cool stuff data mined out of the patch files. It also means we're just a little bit closer to Patch 3.3.5, which promises a new raid dungeon among other things, and maybe even some gnome and troll love.

Of course, we have an extended 3 AM to 11 AM pacific downtime to get this patch into place, which means you have time to read up on all this stuff. In addition to our Patch 3.3.3 information page, we'll have additional coverage throughout the morning, and you can read our usual roundup of the news from the past 7 days below:

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