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WoW Moviewatch: 1 Minute Machinima Entry


This is our second time talking about Frozen Deathknight, who worked with Erunno on an entry into Alienware's Rise to Power contest. This movie is Frozen's first solo machinima (at least, according to the video's soundtrack), and was created to be a 1 Minute Machinima Entry into Baron Soosdon's contest to win a StarCraft II machinima key. While we'd normally be covering the rest of the Rise to Power entries today, I wanted to take a break and remind folks that the Baron's contest ends this Friday. If you're looking to enter, you should get your video finished up and off to the gnome-master.

Frozen's video soars, in my opinion, in terms of his voice acting. His voice work is smooth and interesting, and the language is very crisp and clear. That might sound like lame feedback, but a lot of machinima's voice-work can be very difficult to actually hear and understand. Frozen's soundtrack stands out in that regard.

The video is a quick bit of fun. It's light-hearted, moves fast, and is worth every second you spend watching it. Sure, there's no blood elves rapping, but you have to take what you can get. Given Frozen's ability to frame a skit in such little time, I'm very interested to see what he might be doing next.

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