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Rogers and Fido announce new smartphone tethering policy


Many Canadian Rogers and Fido subscribers have been waiting anxiously to hear about how they were going to get dinged once the current smartphone tethering promotion expired on May 3, 2010. The current plan sees all customers with a data plan including more than 1GB get tethering free of charge but rumors swirled that this would become a pricey extra when the current promotion expired. Canada, rejoice! The new plan has been announced and -- with a few exceptions -- sees tethering carry on into the future with no change. Exceptions include the new 1GB+ One Rate Roaming plan, Family Shared Data and Voice plans, Smartphone and Rocket stick shared plans, and anybody not on a 1 GB plus data plan. So now that all your fears of having to re-mortgage your home have been assuaged, why not take those extra $thousands you've saved in the piggy bank and ponder an upgrade instead. Follow the read link for all the details and a handy FAQ.

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