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Urbanspoon shaking right along


Urbanspoon is one of the earliest "locator" apps that I put on my iPhone. It offered up a pretty unique (at the time -- this was, of course, before "shake to undo") "shake to find" feature that solved the problem of a big group asking, "Where should we eat tonight?" Apparently it's still doing pretty well -- the app has just reached the milestone of half a billion shakes. Additionally, the website that the app was based on has been acquired by Citysearch, and the app has been installed more than 9 million times. That's pretty impressive. It's also a great example of how the iPhone's unique interface can really drive attention to a bigger brand.

Unfortunately, there's no information from Urbanspoon yet about what's coming in the future. This is exactly the kind of app (location-based information) that might not survive the jump onto the new iPad platform, so it'll be interesting to hear what they're planning to do going forward. However, as long as people are hungry, there will always be room for a food-finding app. It's good to see that Urbanspoon is still kicking.

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