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Runes of Magic releases Chapter 3 zone preview


Frogster, publisher of the free-to-play giant Runes of Magic, has posted some new information on their upcoming Chapter 3 release, The Elder Kingdoms, planned for May. This information was spotted on RoM's international website, but is sure to make its way to the US one soon.

"Beginning in April our players will be able to set foot on the previously forgotten continent of Zandorya and explore its first zone. And today we will be showing the first detailed glimpses into the 'Thunderhoof Hills' area and the kingdom of 'Dalanis'!"

This zone preview has some nice flavor text on the new area, some information on one of their soon to be released dungeons, and new screen shots to boot. This is just a small part of the list of features going in to Chapter 3 that players can look forward to. The Elder Kingdoms will be giving us even more new zones, difficulty settings on dungeons, new pets, a marriage system, and more. This zone preview is just a small taste of many things to come.

Runes of Magic has been steadily churning out content, since their official release last March. After a big birthday bash, the announcement at GDC has kept us all waiting for more news. Recent news of RoM adding Vivox integrated chat has kept us excited, but we are really glad to see this sneak peek of actual new content.

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