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Super Mario Galaxy 2 box art has your Yoshi needs covered


Click to see full cover art
In just under two months, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be on shelves. Today, Nintendo released the final North American box art so you can print it out, stick it in an empty Wii game case and pretend you have the plumber's latest platformer right now. Okay, so that's probably not what the Big N had in mind, but really, who doesn't do that?

Not you? Well then, you can at least use the art to help you spot the game at the store. Although, now that we look at it side-by-side with the original Super Mario Galaxy's box art, they appear strikingly similar. We've placed both after the break so you can study the subtle differences and not end up with the wrong game on May 23.

We're slated to play the latest build of SMG2 next week, so we'll have updated hands-on impressions of Nintendo's next big platformer soon.

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