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Exclusive: Best Buy playbook for iPad leaked, quantities to be extremely limited


Planning to skip the Apple Store crowds and sneak over to one of the 670+ Best Buy stores that will be selling the iPad on launch day? Better get there early, as each store will be limited to 15 iPads in stock, and those WiFi-only iPads will be evenly distributed among the three price points.

Our tipster iSecretApples tracked down the Best Buy sales playbook for the iPad, and we've got the screenshots below. (The playbook is so fresh, iSA reports, that Best Buy district managers and store managers don't have it yet.)

Other worthwhile tidbits gleaned from the playbook:

  • The fourth SKU rumored for the Best Buy lineup is indeed the demonstration/not for resale unit.
  • Best Buy's April 11 ad insert will feature the iPad on the front cover, even though not all Best Buy locations will stock the iPad.
  • Stores are expected to receive another 15 iPads for sale on 4/11, but if supplies are constrained they may have to hold some of the initial inventory back. This implies that Apple will be able to tell Best Buy prior to 4/3 whether or not the second round of deliveries will be coming.
  • iPads will not be sold via Best Buy's website, consistent with the original rumor.
  • iPad accessories will also be stocked at Best Buy
15 iPads per store may not last long, but since we're also hearing that in-store reservations at Apple Stores have now been closed -- tipster Travis reports being told by an Apple Store employee that the leftovers will be released 3pm on Saturday, when any reservations that haven't been picked up will be allocated for general sales -- Best Buy may be your best bet for an iPad purchase during the first week.

Update: Our amigo Josh T. at Engadget also has some spy shots of the playbook, including a wider view listing the available accessories.

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