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First Look: dPad drum sequencer for iPad


I'm not a big drums person. I have no rhythm. I wouldn't know a drum kit if I tripped over one. Overly complicated interfaces confuse and scare me. Nevertheless, I thought I'd bring you this sneak peek video from Stu Helm, who ex-TUAWian Dave Chartier tells me is renown for "Agile and International Mac Podcast fame." I know that a certain subset of you (1) wear jeans with dark, rock & roll-themed tee-shirts, (2) do have some sort of functional relationship with music and rhythm, and (3) will actually enjoy playing with a dark, minimally designed, overly-complicated series of dots to build drum sequences.

Although it's pretty feature-limited for an app that's supposed to debut at US$3.99, the developers promise to keep enhancing the app going forward. They are looking to add in-app purchases for drum sound packs, a left-handed use mode, sequence saving and loading (apparently you can make sounds now, but you cannot save them), and recording to audio files. Let me end by consulting my dictionary of "Hip Phrases for Young People(TM) " and adding, "Er,...rock on, good chaps, rock on."

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