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Avalanche: You 'shouldn't be surprised' if Just Cause 3 is announced


Just like the all-grappling hero of the Just Cause franchise, developer Avalanche Studios is exercising an unusual amount of freedom. Like the freedom to start talking about Just Cause 3 one week after the release of Just Cause 2. Studio head Christofer Sundberg told Develop that we "shouldn't be surprised" to hear another sequel announced. "We are absolutely interested in working with the Just Cause IP again," Sundberg said.

Sundberg is confident that Avalanche would be behind the continued development of the franchise, as well. "The studio lives and breathes the Just Cause franchise, and handing that over to another developer would spoil it," he said. "No one has the attachment to this IP as we do."

He told Develop that after a series of layoffs, the company is being cautious about growth. "We now have a very reasonable staff size in terms of requirements, and we now have a core team who can produce quality and give each project the care it deserves." Well, that core team and a new casual-focused studio. But that's it.

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