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$20 off any game priced at $40 or more at EA Store

Justin McElroy

While they're improving, things still aren't the best for EA financially. Like all of the best misfortune though, EA's current cash situation can be capitalized on, with the offer of $20 off of many items in the company's store. You want Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $30? No problem. Want The Saboteur for $20? Done. Does taking advantage of this sale help or hurt EA's financial situation? We don't know.

Just use the code "PAXEAST842" when you check out, keeping in mind that the offer's only good for one item, and only on those $40 and up. If you're the indecisive sort, you've got until the offer expires on April 9 to make up your mind.

[Via GamerDeals]

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