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Because you asked: iPad-free TUAW feed


You begged. You pleaded. You filled our in-box.

We listened. We heard. We understand.

For all of you who love the Mac and Apple news but whose interest in (and, occasionally, patience for) the iPhone and iPad have been exhausted, we have a solution. We're happy to introduce the following new URLs. Behold, iPad- and iPhone- free pages!

These URLs are hot off the presses, sparkling with concentrated Mac- and Apple corporate-goodness. They will give you a brighter smile, cleaner breath, and a guaranteed[1] je ne sais quoi with that certain someone or someones. You can convert any one of them into an RSS feed by tacking "/rss.xml" onto the end of the address.

This is a tag-driven system. It relies on us remembering to properly tag iPad posts with "iPad" and iPhone posts with "iPhone". While we promise to try our very, very hardest, we remain the same old fallible, carbon-based cellular automata you've come to know and love, i.e. human beings. Remember that old saying: "To tag is human; to tag poorly is human, too."

So you will be finding occasional stray posts in your no-whatever feed. And we'll feel really, really awful about that. When that happens, we strongly encourage you to count to 10 (or at least to five) before firing off that irate email about how the new feature is horribly, horribly broken.

Keep in mind that the "broken" feature is going to be us: your shiny, happy, loving TUAW team.

We love all of our readers. And we want to make all of you happy. So put a bounce in your step and take your least favorite devices off (or at least, mostly off) your TUAW reading list! We'll be trying our hardest to tag everything properly.

Happy filtering, everyone!

[1] Satisfaction or your money back! Please include a small processing fee when filing your reimbursement request. This guarantee is fictional.

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