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'EGM: The Lost Issue' launches, offers free preview of EGMi: The Digital Magazine


Nearly a month ago, publisher Steve Harris showed off a concept video of what we could expect from the interactive, online version of the now-resurrected EGM, called EGMi: The Digital Magazine. At the time, Harris promised that the real, fully-functioning first "issue" of EGMi -- the "lost issue" of EGM -- would debut on the magazine's website "long before Summer arrives" ... and, lo and behold, it's already here.

Creating an account on EGM Now will grant you free access to EGM: The Lost Issue, a browser-sized (or full-screen) version of the never-published final issue of EGM that its editors had already put to bed when the magazine was shuttered in January of last year. It animates, makes sound ... but sadly doesn't scroll vertically (and there's an issue with sluggish loading, which will hopefully be worked out in subsequent "issues.") So, if you've been longing to see the lost EGM of yore -- and get a look at its online future -- it's definitely worth checking out. Once you have, why not offer your opinion in comments?

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