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Twilight Insider reviews Stephenie Meyer's Twilight graphic novel

Joe Perez

The week of March 18, something truly amazing happened. Something that is almost completely beyond words. Something that is so totally awesome that I have almost literally burst with how amazing it is.

My fellow sparkly vampire lovers, just when you thought it couldn't get any more exciting than the amazingly well done movies or the fantastically written books, Stephanie Meyer does something so totally choice it blows my mind. Make sure you are sitting down, and those who are weak of heart might not want to read any further, but they have released a Twilight graphic novel!

It's ok!!! Just don't forget to breathe! I know I had the same reaction when I found out and even still I can hardly contain myself! So let's totally crack this book open and take a look inside!

The book is done by this totally awesome artist Young Kim, and they have some mad skill. I mean just look at the cover here. It should be hanging in an art gallery, it rocks that hard! I mean he totally takes the awe-inspiring vision that Stephanie Meyer gave us and makes it even more awesome. I didn't even know that was possible!!. I mean that was super-nice of him too to take it and make it into something the comic lovers could enjoy. I know sometimes when there are too many words my brain gets fuzzy and then I need to take a break and stuff. Pictures really help me out with this. I mean comics are prefect for that, right? So we get this totally wicked artwork and to top it all off the story is there in it's full glory! If you noticed Bella is all laying in the meadow and stuff and I think that in volume 2 we're totally going to get to see Eddie next to her so you can put the books side by side and it will be super sweet.

As to the book itself it's a very slick package. I mean it's not too heavy or too big or too small. It fits super nice in my back pack. So you can carry it with you wherever you go and show it off to all the cool kids! And it's super cheap too. I mean it's only like $20 so you can seriously afford it with your allowances and junk. if you can't scrounge the money up or can't afford it, it's totally the perfect thing to ask for for a gift! Holidays, birthdays or just because it really is like the ultimate gift. I mean seriously who wouldn't want more sparkly vampires in their life!?!

So when you open it up you're so going to be greeted by that same awesome story she wrote for us before and like we've kindda seen in the movies. I mean you can see some totally sweet scenes like this one here.
I mean you can really feel the love between Bella and her dad. I mean it's SOOOO sweet when he shows how happy he is to see her by buying her a car. I mean in the movies he was all awkward turtle and junk but here he's totally this pillar of dad-like awesome. I mean they even capture the essence of Bella here fully I mean her dad gets her a truck and she asks the truly important question of how much it costs. I mean I don't want a cheap car or nothing, and neither does she! I mean and she asks it all nice like too! She's seriously a classy lady.

And then we can go further and we're treated by the first meeting of Bella and Mike. I mean he was a chatty cathy! They did a super good job of capturing this scene too! Take a look!

I mean Mike is all up in her grill and trying to make himself all known. And here's Bella all neutral. She doesn't say much but you can see everything she means by that face she's making. I mean It might actually be more expressive than she was in the movies! And it's totally cool about Mike here because we all know in the end our fang-less hunk of a sparkly man Edward get's the girl right!?

The story is not without it's action as you well know, and I have just GOT to put it in one of my favorite scenes!
Even when she's getting pelted in the face by balls she's still neutral! It's so wicked awesome how stoic she is!

So you've gotten to look at some of the artwork now, I just can't stop talking about how cool it is. I mean this Young person does a really great job bringing the story to life in different ways. I mean first of all you'll notice that unlike in the novels Bella doesn't talk all that much. I mean she does but in the books she would prattle on about nonsense in these monologues and taking away from the all too important vampire time. I mean lets face it we're here for the vampires right? Those magnificent sparkling specimen of perfection! So I'm going to share another one with you, and yes it has our beloved Edward!!11!
Just look at him! Even in black and white cartoon he's still super awesome. I wish I could be like him! Kim does such an awesome job conveying emotion and blocks of text through their artwork, and it really shows especially in scenes like this one. You can just TASTE the tension! I mean the art itself has some cool tricks if you think about it. I mean forks is a place that well.... bites. It's drab and gross and no one really wants to be there. So they use greyscale to show us just how dreary it is. When Bella has her dreams and stuff like super heated moments or the sparkly scene they put in color which is super cool. And the anime manga style just works so well with a story as timeless as Twilight!

In short this is a MUST-have for all you Twilight fans out there. If you haven't gotten it yet, I should totally kick you out of the Team Edward fanclub! But this one time I'll go easy on you and give you time to go grab it!.

That's it for today and remember folks

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