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Choose My Adventure: Now we are 8


In case you missed it, a few of the staff here at are having you choose our adventures. We'll report next week on what we have done so far, but now it's time for you to choose where we will quest next. Many readers have suggested that we should stick to zones that will be changing when Cataclysm comes out. So after consulting what we know so far, I have only listed zones that we think will undergo at least a light change. If we don't think the zone will be touched, it isn't in the poll. This is rather limiting for the Horde, as that leaves out the easy-mode blood elf areas.

Level 8 is an awkward age. It's high enough to want to change scenery but too low to quest efficiently in the next zone. So we have two polls for next week's adventuring: one for before level 10, and one for when we graduate to the next zone. Elizabeth Harper and I will also be choosing our talents according to what tree you pick. And Michael Gray wants you to choose his first pet. When voting, think about what fun adventures you would like to hear retold here, rather than how to have us level speedily.

All polls are after the break.

Note: I put the amount of change we think each zone will be undergoing in parentheses.

Faience is Elizabeth's Troll Shaman.

Robinemia is my Undead Mage.

Grayfields is Michael's Tauren Hunter.

Polls close on Sunday, so vote now!

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