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House decoration contest running for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

The Mog House has always been one of the venues for Final Fantasy XI players to show off their creativity and personal sense of style, even more so when it became possible at long last for other adventurers to step inside. Allakhazam knows that it's one of the most celebrated parts of the game as well, which is why they've launched the first Mog House decorating contest. Arrange your furniture carefully, mail in some images of your uniquely adorned home, and you could find your dwelling renowned for its taste (and potential Moghancement benefits).

Entries on the contest run until April 12th, with judging to conclude on April 20th via on-site poll. There are, of course, the usual requirements for all entries to be safe for work and not involve any hacking of the game client. Prizes include a signed copy of the Distant Worlds CD and a Japanese calligraphy set to help decorate the place you actually live, which is a nice touch. For full rules and submission guidelines, take a look at the contest page. Or you could just start by beautifying your home away from home, something most Final Fantasy XI players are inclined to do anyway.

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