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Letterman's iPad top ten list doesn't go quite according to plan


Sure, David Letterman is rich, famous and apparently no slouch with the ladies... but he's not an iPad-savvy geek, as you can see here.

During tonight's Late Show, he brought out an iPad with the top ten list shown ("Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Waiting In Line For The iPad") -- then proceeded to turn the iPad upside down, get frustrated with his inability to wake it from sleep mode, accidentally try to power it down, lick it (!), then he simply went ahead and read from his paper card.

It's not clear how much of Letterman's frustration was feigned for comic effect, but it was a bit painful to see guest Sam Worthington place his coffee cup atop the iPad screen a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, over on basic cable, Stephen Colbert showed the world how it's done (via Gawker). In addition to slicing veggies for a tangy salsa with his iPad, Colbert also got in a nice dig: "If you've already got an iPhone, a lot will be familiar to you on the iPad. The same touchscreen technology, the same apps... and just like the iPhone, you can't make calls with it." Oooh, burn. Update: Colbert video now embedded in the 2nd half of the post along with Letterman.

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