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DDO releases zombified Update 4 patch notes


My Uncle Ben once told me that with great power comes great responsibility. He also was fond of saying that with Update 4 comes great zombie pirates, but we always just assumed he was a bit senile when he'd go on about that.

Apparently not, as Turbine just released the DDO patch notes for the imminent Update 4, and players of all levels look to be in for a treat. "Adventure steals in from the sea!" they promise, citing a new adventure pack entitled "Sentinels." This pack includes a series of zombie pirate adventures for players levels 6-8, as well as an epic difficulty version for level 20 powerhouses. At PAX East we got to experience this adventure up close and personal, and walked away impressed with the epic feel of the module.

As with all patch notes, various DDO fixes and tweaks come bundled in, and Update 4 is no exception. One odd correction stands above them all: "Strange ten thousand hitpoint kobolds will no longer spawn on elite in Thrashk Arena," Turbine assures us. "Thank you for playing."

You can read the full patch notes on DDO's website, and jump into this terrific game for free by clicking here.

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