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Evigroup Paddle shows up in manufacturer-provided picture gallery

Vlad Savov

Man, we've been talking about the JooJoo so much lately, you must be sick to death of that thing. Just to balance things out, here's a look at the first functional production units of Evigroup's Paddle tablet. Running on a good old fashioned Atom CPU, this promises Windows 7's limitless functionality (and battery strain) plus an extra-special 3D interface called Scale. It's curious, therefore, not to see a single screenshot featuring said UI. We're treated to vanilla Windows 7 throughout, suggesting that maybe somebody woke up to the fact that the processor inside this machine wasn't exactly designed for heavy lifting and the Scale idea was mercifully shelved. Either way, this 10-incher doesn't look all that shabby at all and the gallery at the source is well worth a quick perusal. We've got one more pic of this upstanding French gentleman after the break.

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