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Experience EspGaluda 2's 'unbelievable bullet density' on iPhone April 10


Cave, developer of niche shooters like Deathsmiles and Dodonpachi, is not only releasing a new game in North America, it's self-publishing. How is this possible for a small company and a relatively obscure genre? It's an iPhone game!

Cave's Yukihiro Masaki announced that the iPhone port of EspGaluda II will be available worldwide on the App Store on April 10, for a promotional $4.99/3.99 Euro/£2.99 price. If you're not sure about playing a hardcore shooter on the phone, there will also be a "Lite" version available for free.

EspGaluda II is the same game whose Xbox 360 version was released region-free as an experiment. It would appear the company is still experimenting! See a trailer after the break.

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