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Lead & Gold rides onto Euro PSN Apr. 22


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Aside from the headline above, we're going to try our very best to use as few Old West-related puns as we can in giving you the news that publisher Paradox Interactive today announced an April 22 European PSN release date for its upcoming, third-person online shooter, Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West. Apparently, the game won't be moseyi .... er, arriving in other territories until some time "soon" after (we followed up with Paradox for a US release date and were told one isn't available at this time).

We have to imagine that cowpo ... damnit! ... gamers on PC are assuredly sneering at us right now, given their two-week lead time. But we'll see who's got the last laugh when we install Linux on this PS3! Oh ... right.

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