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Lenovo Skylight launch pushed off to July, IdeaPad U1 Hybrid still on track

Joanna Stern

Today in announced-at-CES product delays, we bring you the Lenovo Skylight. Last week when we inquired about the whereabouts of our review unit (or even an order page), we were told that the Skylight's April release date had been pushed, but Laptop has uncovered that the super thin, Snapdragon-powered smartbook has actually been significantly delayed until July. According to the a Lenovo spokesperson, the company is still working to get things just right, and we're actually not surprised considering the software we saw at CES was far from fully-baked. Oh, but there's good news! The IdeaPad U1 Hybrid, that awesome tablet / laptop combo, we also checked out at CES seems to be right on track for its June release date. Given that the tablet part of the U1 runs the same Skylight Linux OS as the smartbook, we're a bit skeptical on that one, but the that doesn't mean we aren't hoping and praying to get it in our hands ASAP.

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