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Verizon teasing a Microsoft Pink announcement for Monday?

Chris Ziegler

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So Phandroid has scored some internal Verizon rah-rah type material teasing a device announcement on Monday, and they're thinking it's the upcoming HTC Incredible -- but we're not so sure. This lines up all too well with Microsoft's mysterious event in San Francisco, an event that we've heard repeatedly from a multitude of respected sources (Paul Thurrott and Ina Fried, to name a couple) would be for Microsoft's long-rumored Pink handsets, likely for launch on Verizon. Couple that with Verizon's verbiage here -- "it's new, it's unique, living exclusively on... Verizon Wireless" -- and we kinda think that a device as similar to phones already in the marketplace as the Incredible is doesn't warrant the hype. Fortunately, we'll have this all sorted out in less than 72 hours' time.

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