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webOS port of Xorg in the works, OpenOffice support the inevitable result

Chris Ziegler

In the absence of a full, editable version of Documents To Go (DataViz still hasn't released it), this might be of some serious interest to the Palm community -- or those that are willing to muck around a bit, anyway.'s X server implementation has been successfully shoehorned onto a Pre, meaning that we're well on our way to being able to run arbitrary Linux-based X11 apps on our phones -- including the mighty OpenOffice, as demonstrated here. It seems we're still a ways off yet; the devs have some file system issues to work through, which they say will likely take "weeks to months, rather than days" to fix, but it's a promising start. What, you'd never dreamed of running a desktop office suite on a 3.1-inch display? Follow the break for video.

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