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MacBook Pro updates almost upon us? Screenshot of new model numbers offers hope


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It seems silly to give up all expectation for a MacBook Pro refresh. After all, isn't a spec bump for Apple's flagship laptops a total inevitability? Still, the arduous wait has begun shake our faith, and we're happy to see even this sliver of evidence to snap us from our stupor. An internal Microcenter system is listing four new laptops with new part numbers, which, if legitimate, almost certainly harbor new Core i5 and Core i7 processors (maybe even those NVIDIA Optimus graphics if we're lucky). According to the Microcenter employee who sent this out, a similar thing happened in November with a correct model number and price for the new MacBook. Mac Rumors claims to have been able to receive independent confirmation on the numbers, so we might really have something here. Now, as for a specific launch date, the best we have so far is that April 13th rumor, but with a tips box buzzing with rumors, we're starting almost feel confident in seeing a new MacBook Pro this century.

[Thanks, Ross W.]

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