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Asheron's Call introduces new playable race and more

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Asheron's Call fans have lots of new features to enjoy, as Turbine just announced the addition of a new playable race, barbers and hairstyles, a new type of magic, and some great armor upgrades to the game.

Players can now choose to play as a Shadow among the people of Dereth, an addition that Asheron's Call has been hinting at since the beginning of April. If you're interested in the story behind this new race, you'll love Shedding Skin, so take a look and then check out the new race first-hand.

Another exciting addition to Asheron's Call is the addition of Aetheria, a powerful new kind of magic unlocked by the Archmages of the Arcanum. It's not just a matter of unlocking a few skills and moving along, however. Take a look at the story behind Aetheria for the details on how to acquire this new magic. The update brings multi-slot armor as well. The blacksmiths of Dereth have been hard at work improving their craft, and they think you'll like what they have to offer.

They're not all utilitarian updates, however -- the Asheron's Call team added some fun and frivolity to the game as well. Feel like your character needs a fresh new look for spring? Visit a barber (they're located near tailors), and for the right price they'll offer a variety of hairstyles and new looks.

Take a look at all the new additions, and enjoy!

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