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Ivy Leaguers asked to lay off the iPad

Ken Ray

No iPads for the Tigers. Princeton University's Office of Information Technology is asking students to please stop using Apple's latest wonder gadget on the campus wireless network.

According to the OIT, the issue is as follows: "Network monitoring has shown that many iPad devices are causing a problem on the campus network. These devices are continuing to use an IP address they have been leased well beyond the time they should."

The university tech types say they've seen the quirky DHCP behavior from the majority of iPads connecting to the campus WLAN. They blame a bug they believe exists in the iPad OS. The Princeton tiger team has hit Apple up for help but, until the fix is in, the OIT recommends not connecting an iPad to the campus network, as it is likely to malfunction.

The OIT says users who keep trying to connect may find their devices blocked, so that the stability and reliability of campus network services can be maintained.

This is not the first time iThings have run afoul of higher learning's network wonks. Duke University suffered network outages around the release of the iPhone in 2007 and blamed those on the iPhone invasion; those hiccups eventually turned out to be a problem with Cisco routers, not Apple's phone.

[via MacNN]

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