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New DSi bundle has Bowser's Inside Story inside


Last month, Nintendo released the new DSi XL. So, of course, now it's time to promote ... the original DSi, with a new spring bundle! On April 25, Nintendo will release a bundle containing a white DSi and a copy of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, at a $169.99 price point -- which is what the DSi costs by itself. If you'd like a free copy of Mario & Luigi, we suggest you take advantage of that offer.

For whatever reason, Nintendo is no stranger to the "previous hardware bundle." A little over a month after the DSi's North American release, Nintendo offered a lime green DS Lite/Personal Trainer: Cooking bundle. Nintendo UK bundled a DS Lite with the first Professor Layton game, long after the release of the DSi and soon before the release of the second Layton. It's Nintendo -- don't try to understand it, just expect it to make money.

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