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Big upgrades for premium Evernote users


It's been no big secret that I'm a fan and frequent user of Evernote. It's useful, both as a memory augmentation and as a general information collection utility that makes it easy to locate what I need, when I need it. There are a couple of things that would make the service even more useful, though, and a couple of the most-requested features have been addressed with today's announcement from Evernote.

First, there's an increase in maximum note size. Up until now, premium users have been limited to 25M per note. Today, that doubles to 50M, meaning more types of files can be stored in your Evernote account. That's great news for users who want to share files through Evernote, or even just those of us who would love to upload some really large, really long PDF's or store presentations and other file types. It even offers more flexibility for adding audio and video to notebooks.

The second announcement, note versioning, is exciting news as well. Several times a day, Evernote will make copies of any notes in your account that have changed. They become available in your Note History, and individual versions can be viewed and exported. This sounds especially cool for shared notebooks, where it means more wiki-like functionality, but it provides security and basic version control for private notebooks as well. This functionality is, for the time being, limited to the Web interface, but desktop versions will be available "very soon."

As noted, these upgrades are limited to premium users. The basic service is free, and a premium Evernote account, for $45US a year, gives you 500MB of uploads per month, any file type, publicly editable notebooks, and SSL encryption.

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