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Grab NCsoft MMOs on the cheap today

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If you've been thinking about picking up either Guild Wars or City of Heroes but have been a bit short of cash (or waiting for the prices to drop), then we've got a line on a deal that you'll likely want to take advantage of. Today, everyone can score copies of these two fun MMOs for about $10 off each one on Amazon, as part of their video game deal of the day. The specials are:

As Going Rogue is coming soon to City of Heroes, which will offer graphical updates and all manner of new things for players to enjoy, it's a great time to get started there. Guild Wars has the benefit of gorgeous graphics and no monthly fees. Plus, you'll be able to get in and learn the lore of the land before Guild Wars 2 comes out.

If you've never played either one -- or have been away for a while -- also be sure to check out our columns dedicated to those games. Flameseeker Chronicles covers everything you need to know about Guild Wars and A Mild-Mannered Reporter gives you the scoop on the streets of City of Heroes. Lots of tips and tricks to be found between the two for new and veteran players alike!

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