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PDP's new controllers have The Glow


Third-party controller company PDP has unveiled a new line of controllers for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii designed to attract attention, and/or help land airplanes. The Afterglow line is a set of transparent controllers with LED lights inside, so they glow in a way sure to dazzle and irritate your roommates.

That's not the only feature, though it's the one that stands out the most on account of they freaking glow. The Wii controller features + and - buttons above the A button, in the manner suggested by N'Gai Croal back in 2007, and is paired with a (glowing) nunchuk with a retractable cord. The wired PS3 controller swaps the Dual Shock's D-pad and left stick placement to be more like the Xbox 360 controller. The Afterglow Xbox controller, a licensed product, appears to be pretty much identical to the official controller, but with what IGN calls an "improved ergonomic design."

Also, these controllers allow us to reference The Last Dragon. That's ... a feature ...

See more images of the Afterglow line at IGN.

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