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HTC wants some help naming a phone, turns to Facebook users

Chris Ziegler

HTC is known for being one of the more prolific codenamers in the entire wireless industry, going all the way back to the early days with unforgettable devices like the Canary and Blue Angel, but let's be honest: thinking up awesome names for all these phones when you're pumping out dozens of models a year gets tricky after a while. The English language is only so big, right? On that note, HTC has turned to its Facebook followers to come up with a name for "something new" that it's got cooking in the labs right now, and the choices are "Jovi," "Zeal," "Wildfire," and "Festi." Of course, we think that the nature of the device plays a big role in our choice (Jovi would be a good name for a washed-up phone with last year's specs, for instance), but the company isn't revealing an iota of detail about it, so we've gotta do this blind.

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