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Apple's temptation to overuse iAds


Dave Johnson over at Bnet has written up an interesting post about iAds; he says that Apple's new advertising program is reason enough to ditch your iPhone. Why? Because even Apple, he hints, isn't big enough to stay away from the billions of dollars that it will probably end up bringing in with iAds. The service seems made for free apps, but Johnson argues that, with a platform-level solution for advertising, there's nothing to stop these things from showing up in paid apps either. And I've even had the thought this week that, once Apple gets a taste of advertising revenue, what's to stop it from going even further? Why not include iAds in the actual OS homescreen? Heck, why not include them in OS X? The next Leopard isn't $30 -- it's free, but you'll see an "emotional and interactive" iAd on your menu bar until you activate it.

Of course, this is the slippery slope argument, which is a fallacy. Just because Apple has implemented an official advertising system doesn't mean it will one day be using advertising to supplement its OS sales. Moreover, I definitely don't agree with Johnson that it's time to get rid of your phone. However, there's certainly going to be a temptation for Apple here. Google makes $23 billion from advertising already, and even with all its money in the bank, Apple might be surprised at just how popular iAds becomes.

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Update: The original headline on this post expressed an image that was not intentional. Our apologies for any misunderstandings.

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