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IMO: The World of Magic debuts on iPhone

Jef Reahard

Com2uS has released IMO: The World of Magic, a new MMORPG exclusively for Apple's iPhone platform and available now in the App Store. IMO players can select from one of three traditional high fantasy classes (Fighter, Ranger, or Wizard) and explore the far reaches of the Lanos Kingdom or the Sirus Empire.

IMO mixes traditional RPG strategy with modern social networking niceties, and is one of the few iPhone titles that offers fully functional live network play with thousands of simultaneous participants. The game features four-member groups, guilds, multiple chat modes, and PvP arenas.

IMO is free to play, but does offer In-App purchases. That said, Com2uS has taken pains to avoid introducing game-breaking items into the cash shop. As an example players can purchase a summon scroll to teleport a friend to their immediate location, but the item doesn't provide any competitive advantages. If you've never played a mobile MMORPG before, you can check out the gameplay trailer after the jump to get a taste of what's in store. Also be sure and have a gander at the screenshot gallery below.

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