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Nikon DSLR triplets on the horizon?

Ross Miller

It's been quite some time, relatively speaking, since Nikon's updated its DSLR lineup. Not that we're complaining about the D3S or D300s (pictured), mind you, but our eyes are perennially fixated on staring into the next big thing. Nikon Rumors seems to think it's got a handle on three new photo-snappers in the pipeline. While one of the trio is completely shrouded in mystery, another is said to be poised for the an entry level model, likely a successor to the D3000 dubbed -- you guessed it -- the D4000. The third and final camera of the group is quite detailed in this report: 39 autofocus points, 16 megapixels with 6400 ISO + HI2 position, and 1080p / 24 frames per second video. NR uses the number of AF points to speculate it'd be a new product category, a D700 replacement that sacrifices some fine-tuning for video and more resolution, or a successor to the old favorite D90.

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