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OBEY or DISMANTLE in style: Guild Wars adds new costumes

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you are a Guild Wars fan who guessed that new costumes were coming, this will come as absolutely no surprise to you. We've all been following the OBEY/DISMANTLE campaign since the latter half of March, and the story has been growing both in and out of game.

ArenaNet sprung the new costumes on the community yesterday afternoon, giving fans the chance to show their allegiance to the world. The Shining Blade and White Mantle costumes are currently available in a promotion like the one offered with the Grenth and Dwayna costumes: until May 31st, you can purchase both sets for $9.99. The purchase price for individual sets is $6.99, so the limited offer is a pretty good deal. The costumes, once purchased, are account-wide and include costumes for both your male and female charactes.

Want a set and can't fit it into your budget? Keep an eye on Massively and you just may score a free set. NCsoft has generously given us some costume codes to give away -- watch for that giveaway later today!

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