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Staying in control with Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

We're likely nearing the end of useful information that can be gleaned from the current wave of testing in Final Fantasy XIV, leaked or otherwise, but what a fruitful time it has been. The game's picture has solidified so much in our minds compared to a scant few weeks ago that we can look at much of the information-heavy translated article from and see things we're already aware of. Still, there are tidbits like the nuances of the control scheme that had been largely unmentioned before now, and another set of eyes confirming some of the cooler features is certainly welcome.

While it's no great surprise that the game should work well with a controller, the change to a standard WASD setup for movement should please any number of fans. Unfortunately, keybinds for individual menu windows like character status seem currently inaccessible, though that's likely to change. We also learn a little more about the ability system -- it seems that abilities are somewhat weaker on other disciplines, although they're still usable. Combine that with a number of gorgeous screenshots, and Final Fantasy XIV fans can enjoy the most recent course of information. (Oh, and yes, another mention of the underwear thing.)

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