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Dead Rising 2 to have online co-op (and a drug called Zombrex)


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Chuck Greene may know his "way around a zombie or two," as he says in this new trailer from Dead Rising 2, but he'll be facing down thousands at a time in Fortune City. Greene's daughter Katey will also be along for the ride -- she's bitten by one of the walking dead early on, and will require a daily dose of a drug called "Zombrex" during the game's 72-hour span "to stop [her] from joining the ever-growing zombie horde." Greene also comes across two supporting ladies -- one is a short-haired army jacket-wearing girl who goes on about conspiracies and "false accusations," and the other is a bombastic reporter who brings new meaning to the word "teaser."

Capcom has also announced details of the game's online co-op system. Players will be able to use an "in-game transceiver to call for assistance at any time," and when your buddy shows up, it's game on for tactics like luring zombies into a kill zone or racing around on skateboards (no really -- check the gallery below). That's in addition to the "Terror is Reality" minigame versus mode that we got to play a little while ago, which will pit up to four players against each other in a game show setting.

Dead Rising 2
will be out for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in North America on August 31, and in Japan and Europe a few short, zombie-free days later.

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