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EA launches free-to-play 'Lord of Ultima' browser-based game


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Electronic Arts is again setting its sights on conquering the lucrative lands of free-to-play gaming with Lord of Ultima, launching today on a browser near you. The online strategy game certainly has more of a "core" audience in mind -- as if the Ultima license didn't already give that away -- with players constructing kingdoms through war, trade and diplomacy.

We haven't had a chance to play yet, so we're not exactly sure where the microtransactions in this game fit in. The press release and main Lord of Ultima site are very sketchy on the details. A quick scan of the site mentioned that the game is free to play, but "there is the option to purchase additional features etc." If you've taken LoU for a spin, feel free to drop the microtransaction details in the comments below.

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