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iPad defeats Kindle in reader poll

Mel Martin

Over at Mashable, a poll of readers put the iPad up against the Kindle, by asking which device would " over the hearts and minds" of Mashable readers.

The results were 48% for Apple, 36% for Kindle, and 11% preferred their books in analog format. Mashable is not a Mac fan site, so the results are, at least, interesting.

Of course it's not a scientific poll, but it's an indicator that the iPad is catching on as a preferred device for reading books and magazines.

I have a Kindle and an iPad. I really like the ability to read in low light with the iPad, and the text looks fine to me. I haven't experienced any eye strain, but some people are adamant that reading an LCD screen isn't good in the long term.

At this moment, the Kindle book store is far superior to the Apple version. The number of books that Apple offers is relatively small, and it isn't as easy to find things. Of course, I can read my Kindle books on my iPad, but I hate having books scattered around between different apps.

I know several Kindle owners who are, either, planning to dump their Kindle for an iPad or have already done so. What's your take? Do you own a Kindle and an iPad? Is the Kindle redundant now, or is it still, with that sharp e-ink screen, a better reading experience?

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