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Pulitzer Prize winner's app now accepted into App Store


Last week we told you about Mark Fiore, who won the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning despite the cartoons' sole medium being the internet. What surprised many was that, though Fiore's cartoons were good enough for a Pulitzer, they were not good enough for the App Store.

Back in December, Fiore had submitted an app called NewsToons, which displayed a collection of his political cartoons, only to have it rejected by Apple for ridiculing public figures. However, shortly after he won the Pulitzer and the news broke that his app had previously been rejected, Apple invited Fiore to resubmit the app, with Steve Jobs saying that the rejection of Fiore's app "was a mistake that's being fixed."

I'm pleased to report that, as of yesterday, the mistake is fixed. Mark Fiore's NewsToons app is now in the App Store. The $0.99 app gives users access to automatically-updating political animation and the ability to dig deeper into the cartoon and see what news stories, events, and facts inspired each animation. Wonder if we'll see a Steve Jobs cartoon anytime soon?

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