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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT today with special guest Chuck Joiner


Every Wednesday, TUAW provides its readers with the best in state-of-the-art live Internet reporting through TUAW TV Live. Today is no exception, and at 5 PM EDT, scores of the Apple faithful will point their browsers to for another exciting episode of this landmark in Internet journalism.

Today's show features a special guest who you're going to love. He's a man who needs no introduction, but we're going to introduce him anyway. It's Chuck Joiner, the host of MacNotables, MacVoices, MacVoices TV, The MacJury, and probably at least a dozen other podcasts that we don't know about yet.

Due to all of his connections, Chuck is probably the most knowledgeable blogger in the Apple blogosphere. He's a lot of fun to talk with, and it's sure to be a lot of fun having him on the other side of the mic today.

Come back to at about 4:50 PM EDT (1:50 PM PDT) to join in on the fun. We'll provide you with instructions on how to watch the show live on your iPhone or iPad as well.

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