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Scoggins Erasers mystery deepens as Telltale delivers erasers, iPods


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Telltale Games continued its teasing of what would appear to be its upcoming original IP -- called or related to "Scoggins Erasers" -- today by sending us a box filled with erasers ... and an iPod Touch. Labeled "Made in Scoggins, MN," "Contains Scoggins Erasers" and "Top Secret," the package we received was opened to reveal another, smaller box marked "Top Secret." Inside this, 10 large, pink erasers, which we removed, exposing the iPod.

This was surprising enough -- then we turned it on. The first thing we noticed was the lock screen image: An FBI seal with the text "Department of Puzzle Research" below it. Unlocking the device, we were greeted by a note that "Something is wrong in Scoggins, MN ... " and instructing us to check the calendar. Sure enough, on April 29 there's an entry for "Scoggins Briefing," with the note "Come to workroom 2 for debriefing." The "debriefing" is set for 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PDT, but there's no other info. We checked the Google Maps app and found no directions. The video app, however, held a single animated clip, Hidden People (watch it after the break), which depicts a man and his dog visiting a cabin where they encounter a creepy little red gnome. The photos app also contained what appears to be concept art, again with the gnomes. The very fact that all this arrived on an iPod seems to imply that Telltale's mystery title will be for iPhone / iPod Touch.

The back of the iPod is clearly labeled "If found, DO NOT SELL TO GIZMODO," a testament to how secret Telltale feels the information it contains is -- or, more likely, a cheeky nod to a recent iPhone-related incident. For the record, we will not be selling the iPod to anyone. In fact, we're going to be giving it away to one lucky Joystiq reader. Be on the lookout for contest details soon!

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