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Jetyo's HDV-T900 solar-powered camcorder will capture only your brightest holiday memories

Tim Stevens

This traditionally-shaped camcorder may not be ergonomically friendly, but it is environmentally friendly -- ostensibly, anyway. It's the HDV-T900 from Jetyo, a 720p30 model that records to SDHC memory cards through what appears to be a fixed zoom lens (its specs promise only an 8x digital zoom). The thing that makes this a conversation piece is the solar cell on the backside of the three-inch LCD display. It's hardly encouraging that the company's site doesn't say anything about how quickly it recharges the 4 AA batteries used for power, or indeed how long those batteries can power the thing in the first place. But, the site does say the current from the solar cell is 120mA, so we can do the math. Assuming you're using something like 2,500mAh AA rechargeable cells, you're looking at about 25 hours of sunlight to recharge one battery and there are, of course, four used here. Hey, sounds like a good excuse to extend your vacation to us.

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