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Jobs: No Mac app store coming


Whether you love or hate the closed nature of Apple's iPad and iPhone app stores, you can't deny that they've helped Apple's touch devices become the hits they are. From time to time, Mac OS X app developers have expressed fears that Apple may implement a Mac app store and only allow Mac apps built to run on OS X to be sold through it. The benefits of this would be a universal store front and QA assurance though Apple. However the draw back (and it's a doozie) would be end of the Mac's open development platform.

Well fear not, developers. Steve Jobs has officially put an end to these rumors before they spiral out of control. Fernando Valente, developer at Chiaro Software emailed Steve Jobs and asked it the rumors of a Mac app store and no software running on OS X without authorization from Apple were true. Jobs' answer: "Nope." Apple knows that what works well for one OS platform wouldn't work well for another, so everyone can breathe easier.

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