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Floppy drives, Arduino board mangled into audio delay effects (video)


If you're a DIY music hardware developer, there's a pretty good chance you're familiar with the charms of the Arduino. In this space alone we've seen it used for everything from controlling Max/MSP effects to an entire robot band. The above jumble of parts, however, might be our fave yet. Part of an ongoing project by a certain Daniel McAnulty, the Floppy Audio website details the use of the magnetic media inside a floppy disk for looping analog audio. The most ambitious of the lot even combines three floppy disk drives and the aforementioned Arduino to create a continuous tape delay effect! Things are still really rough, but he does have working prototypes, and he's not at all shy about sharing his methods and results with the rest of the world -- so feel free to hit the source link to get started yourself! If you're not the type to get your hands dirty, at least peep the videos after the break.

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